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Jabsco 12v Electric Marine/RV Toilet Compact Bowl

Compact toilet with motor at the back for a tidy appearance.
Jabsco 12v Electric Marine/RV Toilet Compact Bowlclick for larger image
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Compact toilet with motor at the back for a tidy appearance.

37010-Series Electric Toilets have the motor sited at the rear of a narrow base, which gives a clean appearance from the front, and its push button control makes life simpler for newcomers and experienced crews alike.


• White Vitreous China Bowl Available in Two Sizes
• Baked Enamel Seat & Cover in Compact or Household Size
• Flexible Impeller Flush Pump
• Permanent Magnet Type Motor, Fully Enclosed, with Stainless Steel Shaft
• High Capacity Macerator and Bowl Scavenger Pump
• Built-in Back Flow Preventer
• All Corrosion Resistant Material for Marine Use

The Jabsco electric toilet may be installed above or below the waterline. Flush pump is self-priming with a vertical lift up to 4 feet; discharge macerator pump can operate against a vertical head up to 4 feet. Inlet and outlet seacocks should be easily accessible and be positive shut off valves. If seacocks cannot be conveniently
operated from toilet location, install suitable shut off valves for inlet and discharge connections. Base assembly may be moved 90° to accommodate connections and provide accessibility for servicing.
Surface where toilet is mounted should be flat to prevent distortion of toilet base.

PLUMBING CONNECTIONS - Connect inlet hose using either 5/8" or 3/4" ID hose (a sleeve is included to adapt pump inlet from 5/8" to 3/4"). Make sure all inlet connections are airtight and free of sharp bends or restrictions. Connect 1" or 1-1/2" hose to discharge port (Adaptor 98023-0080 is included to convert discharge port to 1-1/2"
ID hose), and make suitable connection to holding tank or other discharge system. Avoid sharp bends or restrictions. For above waterline installations, a check valve may have to be installed in the flush water intake line to ensure rapid Model 37010-Series pump priming. To retain water in bowl, make a loop in the discharge line about 8 inches above base of bowl. Do not connect the toilet to the vessels potable water for its source of supply.To do so can result in
contamination of potable water supply. If fresh water is preferred
for flushing, provide a separate fresh water tank supply water to the toilet only.

If the toilet is, or can be, below waterline at any normal (including static) attitude of vessel heel and/or trim, a 3/4" Vented Loop Fitting must be installed in the length of hose connecting the flushing pump to the inlet seacock. The Vented Loop Fitting must be positioned so it remains slightly* above the waterline at all angles of heel and trim.
In some installations when a vented loop is installed in the intake hose, the flushing pump primeability and flow characteristics are reduced and may adversely affect toilet function.To restore pump performance, connect a solenoid valve (Jabsco No. 37068-0000) to the vent air inlet to interrupt the air supply during the flush cycle. The brass port of the solenoid valve (remove plastic filter if attached) should be connected to the vent inlet with 3/16" hose and the
solenoid wired in parallel with the toilet motor. See Diagram 1 for installation and wiring illustration.
* Recommended minimum height above waterline is 6".



Flood hazard. If toilet is installed below the waterline or may be below the waterline at any angle of heel or trim, it must be installed with
properly positioned vented loops. Failure to do so can result in flooding which can cause loss of property and life.



Make sure inlet and outlet seacocks are all open; push button to operate. Operate until bowl is completely flushed and discharge pump has scavenged water from bottom of bowl. The Jabsco electric marine toilet will provide years of troublefree service if properly used. It will handle waste and toilet tissue. It will NOT handle rags, sanitary napkins or hard solid objects. If bowl does not pump out and begins to fill, partially close inlet valve until bowl is cleared and completely pumped out. Then operate for a few seconds with both valves open to clear entire toilet and discharge system. For maximum safety, when toilet is not in use or vessel is unattended, close both the inlet and discharge seacocks. To drain for winter lay-up, close inlet valve and operate for a few seconds until all water is pumped out. After long periods of non-use, toilet and pump may dry out. To ease initial start-up, put about one quart of water in bowl and let stand awhile before initial use.



Voltage - 12 Vdc


A:19-3/4 (493)

B:4-13/16 (123)

C:13-13/16 (351)

D:13-7/8 (352)

E:17-3/4 (451)

E:9-7/8 (251)

F:7-5/8 (194)






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