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Inter Yacht Primer Single Pack Paint- 1 ltr

Fast drying, light grey general purpose marine primer.
Inter Yacht Primer Single Pack Paint- 1 ltrclick for larger image
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Fast drying, light grey general purpose marine primer.

Suitable for above and below the waterline on timber. On other substrates it is suitable for above the waterline. For application to Timber above and below the waterline prior to the application of undercoat or antifouling. Also for use as a primer on Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy, Steel and Aluminium above the waterline only, prior to the application of a single pack undercoat.

* Quick drying.
* Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
* Easy sanding
* Easy clean up

Do not use on ferro-cement surfaces.

Do not apply two-pack systems over this product.

Application Details - Yacht Primer :
Area- Above and below the waterline
Finish/Sheen- Matt
Thinner: YTA800
Number of Coats: 1-4 as per specification
Method of application: Brush / Roller / Conventional Spray / Airless Spray / Airmix

Colour YPA315-Grey
Specific Gravity- 1.3
Volume Solids- 48%

DRYING-Touch Dry (ISO):

5°C: 4hrs

15°C: 2hrs

23°C: 1hrs

35°C: 30mins

Can be Overcoated By:

Bottomkote, Coppercoat, Coppercoat, Cruiser Superior, Interspeed 2000, Longlife, Longlife Extra, Micron CSC, Micron Extra, Pre-Kote, Trilux, Ultra, VC Offshore, Yacht Primer.

Note:If maximum overcoating time is exceeded, sand with 180-220 grade wet or dry paper.


STEEL: Thoroughly degrease with a suitable thinner/cleaner using the 2 cloth method prior to carrying out any mechanical cleaning. Blast damaged or corroded areas to near white metal surface as per AS1627.4 Class 2.5. If blasting is not possible, grind with 24-36 grade (grit) discs to a uniform, clean, bright metal surface with a 50-75 microns anchor pattern.
ALUMINIUM: Thoroughly degrease with a suitable thinner/cleaner using the 2 cloth method prior to carrying out any mechanical cleaning. Low pressure grit blast using aluminium oxide or a copper-free equivalent. If blasting is not possible, power disc with 24-36 grade discs to a surface profile of 50-75 micron/ 2-3 mils. (NB Power wire brushing is not permitted as it is ineffective and wires are often steel, leading to corrosion). After being degreased the aluminium surface may be sanded, on small areas, with aluminium oxide papers to present a water break surface and, after drying, pre-primed with Etch Primer.
EPOXY PRIMERS: Sweep blast or abrade with 280 grade paper.
EPOXY FILLERS: Sand with 60-120 grade (grit) paper. Do not wipe down any epoxy fillers with solvent.
BARE GRP/COMPOSITE: Ensure all waxes and uncured resins are removed. Sand with 80-180 grade paper.
GELCOATS: Sand to remove oxidation and gloss, avoiding cutting too deep into the surface which may result in small air bubbles being exposed which will then require filling.
ZINC/GALVANISED STEEL: On new surfaces/those free from oxidation by-products, thoroughly degrease with suitable thinners using the two cloth method. Oxidised surfaces will require mechanical abrasion to clean thoroughly. Pre-prime using Etch Primer where appropriate.
BARE WOOD: Sand with 80-280 grade paper. Remove oil from oily woods eg teak, using Universal Thinners #4. Change rags frequently. Everdure may be used to seal any timbers if required. On bare timbers thin the first coat 10-15% with Enamel Thinners #1.
For further information refer to International Professional Application Manual or the International Boat Painting and Product Guide.:

Method: Remove blast/grinding/sanding residues with a clean air line & sweep with a clean brush, or vacuum clean for best results. On blasted and rough ground surfaces do not try and wipe with rags and thinners as the rags will catch and leave particles of cloth behind. Apply required number of coats, detailed in the specification sheets, by method chosen or stipulated, allowing required overcoating interval between applications. Follow thinning recommendations.


Thinner- YTA800 International Enamel Thinners #1.
Thinning- Thin first coat 15% when applying on timber.
Cleaner- YTA800 International Enamel Thinners #1.
Ventilation and Humidity Control- Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
Airless Spray Pressure: 176 bar. Tip Size: 1880.
Conventional Spray Pressure: 2.3 bar. Tip Size: 1.3-1.5 mm.
Other For Airmix spray application: Pressure: 2.5 bar. Tip Size: 24-113. For best performance temperature should be above 10°C.

Some Important Points: Product temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 5°C/40°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 5°C/40°F and maximum 35°C/95°F.

Compatibility/Substrates: Suitable for Timber above and below the waterline. Suitable for Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy, Steel and Aluminium above the waterline only.

Number of Coats 1-4 as per specification

Coverage (Theoretical) - 11.00 (m²/lt)

(Practical) - 10.00 (m²/lt) by brush, 8.5 m²/lt by spray

Recommended DFT- 43 microns dry

Recommended WFT- 90 microns wet

Application Methods- Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray, Airless Spray, Airmix

Visit the International Yacht Paints website via this link for more painting & product advice.




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