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Hempel Olympic Ablative Antifouling Paint- 5 litre (Blue)

HEMPEL’S OLYMPIC is a high solids, tin-free, self-polishing antifouling, suitable for vessels with hull speeds up to 20-25 knots.
Hempel Olympic Ablative Antifouling Paint- 5 litre (Blue)click for larger image
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HEMPEL’S OLYMPIC is a high solids, tin-free, self-polishing antifouling, suitable for vessels with hull speeds up to 20-25 knots.

Fouling not only makes a boat look unsightly, it can also foul propellers and outdrives, block engine water inlets and outlets, slow down the boat speed, increase fuel costs and ultimately damage the hull substrate/surface.

Hempel Olympic 86901- A proven performer the World over on pleasure and commercial vessels.

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Hempel's patented fibre reinforcement technology ensures:
- High mechanical strength
- Controlled, predictable polishing rate and biocide release
- Smoother finish: reducing drag, improving fuel efficiency and speed

Suitable for vessels with hull speeds up to 20-25 knots. For speeds exceeding this use Olympic 86951.

What is self polishing antifoul?
In self polishing antifoul, a resin of active ingredients (biocides) repels/discourages fouling. Once in the water the resin breaks down in a controlled way, continually exposing fresh biocide layers.
This gives constant performance throughout the season, and reduces the build-up of old antifouling.

This product does not contain organotin compounds acting as biocides and complies with the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships as adopted by IMO.

HEMPEL’S ANTIFOULING OLYMPIC 86901 is a high solids, tin-free, self-polishing antifouling.
Polishing is based on an ion exchange, resulting in a hydrolysable activated layer. An inorganic fibre
reinforcement of the resin matrix ensures effective polishing control and mechanical strength.
This product does not contain organotin compounds acting as biocides and complies with the
International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships as adopted by IMO
October 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26).

Recommended use:
As an economical antifouling for bottom and boottop on vessels operating in coastal trade at low to
medium speeds and (down to) low to medium activity with short to medium idle periods.
Drydocking interval of up to 36 months.
Aluminium hulls: see REMARKS below.

The physical constants stated are nominal data according to the HEMPEL Group's approved formulas.
Shade nos/Colours:
Finish: Flat
Volume solids, %: 50 ± 1
Theoretical spreading rate: 5 m2/l [200.5 sq.ft./US gallon] - 100 micron/4 mils
VOC content:
Dry to touch: 4 - 5 hour(s) 20°C/68°F
Specific gravity:
Flash point:
51110* / Red.
- *other shades according to assortment list.
25 °C [77 °F]
1.8 kg/litre [15 lbs/US gallon]
453 g/l [3.8 lbs/US gallon]

Application method: Airless spray see REMARKS overleaf / Brush/Roller see REMARKS overleaf
Thinner (max.vol.): 08080 (5%) / 08080 (5%)
Nozzle orifice: 0.027 - 0.031 "
Nozzle pressure: 270 [3915 psi]
(Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)
Indicated film thickness, dry: 100 micron [4 mils] see REMARKS overleaf
Indicated film thickness, wet: 200 micron [8 mils]
Recoat interval, min: According to specification.
Recoat interval, max: According to specification.
Safety: Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers,
consult HEMPEL Safety Data Sheets and follow all local or national safety regulations.
Cleaning of tools: HEMPEL'S THINNER 08080
Page: 1/2

Thinner/Tool cleaner: THINNING NOT RECOMMENDED however thinner 808 (No. 3) can be used 5% MAX

SURFACE PREPARATION: Existing old self-polishing or ablative antifouling: Remove possible oil and grease etc. with suitable
detergent, followed by high pressure fresh water cleaning for a thorough removal of any possible weak
structure of leached antifouling.
Sealer: Whether to use a sealer coat/tiecoat or not depends on the type and condition of the existing

APPLICATION CONDITIONS: Apply only on a dry and clean surface with a temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. In
confined spaces provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

PRECEDING COAT: According to specification. Recommended systems are: HEMPATEX HI-BUILD 46330, HEMPADUR

SUBSEQUENT COAT: None, or as per specification.
REMARKS: This product contains heavy particles. Stir well before use. By providing a constantly active surface
during its lifetime, this antifouling is gradually sacrificed in the process.

Colours/Colour stability: The ANTIFOULING's are never tinted and as the high load of cuprous oxide influences the shade a certain variation from batch to batch is allowable. Exposure to humid weather shortly after application is likely to cause discolouration. This is a surface phenomenon only and has no influence on performance
nor recoatability.

Aluminium hulls: May be specified on aluminium hulls provided an efficient anticorrosive system in minimum 2
coats of 150 micron/6 mils each has been applied. The anticorrosive system must stay intact
during service in order to avoid corrosion of the aluminium caused by the cuprous oxide
content of the Paint.

Application Equipemnt:
Standard airless heavy-duty spray equipment:
Pump ratio: min 45:1 (see Note below)
Pump output: min 12 litres/minute (theoretical)
Spray hoses: max 15 metres/50 feet, 3/8" internal diameter; max 3 metres/10 feet, 1/4" internal
Note:If longer spray hoses are necessary, up to 50 metres/150 feet hose (½" internal diameter) can be
added. The pump ratio must be raised to 60:1 or more, however, the high output capacity of the pump
must be maintained.
A reversible nozzle is recommended.
Filter: Surge tank filter and tip filter should be removed.

Film thicknesses/thinning: May be specified in another film thickness than indicated depending on purpose and area of use. Thiswill alter spreading rate and may influence drying time and recoating interval. Normal range dry is: 80-
150 micron/3.2-6 mils

Undocking:Precautions must be made taking this into account during e.g. out docking.
Minimum undocking time depends on number of coats applied, film thickness, the prevailing temperature and the subsequent exposure/service conditions. For further information, please consult the corresponding painting specification. Maximum undocking time depends on the atmospheric conditions (UV radiation, temperature, degree of atmospheric pollution, etc.). Exposure to the atmosphere in up to 6 months normally presents no problems but extraordinary contamination may call for a freshwater high pressure hosing - contact Hempel.

Recoating note: As per specification depending on existing hull condition, trading pattern, and intended service life.
No maximum recoat interval, but after prolonged exposure to polluted atmosphere, remove
accumulated contamination by high pressure fresh water cleaning. As for other physically drying paints
the final hardness will be obtained a few days after application of the last coat.

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